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It is not always possible to find all our necessary content in a single book.To collect all our required subject matter we have to buy more than one book.It is not easy to accumulate all contents under a single cover.To make this cumbersome job easier, we designed this “Custom Course Pack” page.It will help you to select contents from our inventory and gather them in a single pack.It will be stored in our inventory for future reference.

To select content please browse the categories(appears in the left). If you click any of the left side  category you will see subsequent sub-categories  and subjects in this mid panel. When you will click a subject, all books under that subject will be displayed. A click on a book will direct you to the table of content of that book. From there you will be able to select your contents.

Please be noted, Course Pack can be requested only by Educator,  but everybody can buy it.

Four Easy and Simple Steps to Customize Your Content:

To strart use the navigation bar above. Just click on each of the steps to navigate and complete your custom book request.

Select Content
To Select Content either use the catagory links on the left or use the Search boxes that appear in the right side.

Review & Arrange
Here you willsee cumulative list of items you have already chosen to add to your custom book.This step will let you make some changes. You can delete and rearrange items in any order.If you want to upload your original content, you will be able to do this in this step.

This step allows you to choose cover page of your custom course pack as well as seeks some information so that   your institute, course name, and even your own name can be proudly displayed on an imprintable cover.

Finally you have to provide your shipping address by logging on to the site.Be noted that this package is available only for educators. If you are not educator you are not allowed to commit the request.
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